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Sky, returning for her sixth year as a guide, is also the new managing owner of  Ya-Hoo. She started trail riding in the back country at just a year old. Growing up she participating in 4-H, rodeo, and training horses. "I could easily come back year after year because of the horses, but the memories and new friends I have made, while guiding, are what truly make it worth while," said Sky. 

Meet the Ya-Hoo Crew


Paityn, a student at the University of Idaho and newly crowned Miss Boise, will be returning for her second year of guiding at Ya-Hoo. Growing up she did not always have a horse but that didn't stop her love for the animal and drive to learn more about them. That same passion has continued with her and has helped her in becoming a valuable part of the Ya-Hoo crew. 

Shiras is a two year old Blue Merle Australian Shepherd who loves fetch and Huckleberries. Having started work for Ya-Hoo at 7 weeks old he knows all the trails like the back of his paw. 

Ya-Hoo Corrals is now accepting applications now through January for Guides/Wranglers. You must be age 18 years or older by May 1st, 2020 to apply. Applications can be found attached to the Document logo to the right. Please email finished application to yahoocorralsmccall@gmail.com 

The Horses 

RJ, a small sorrel gelding, use to only have reverse. Now he goes anywhere and is a very loving boy. 

Concho, a red roan mare, is a laid back easy going gal and is GREAT with kids. 

Newt, while small in stature has an attitude just as big as a Clydesdale. He is a grulla gelding and is as smart as they come. 

Chico, the gentle giant of the bunch, is a seasoned black gelding. Chico is the best black stallion impersonator we know.

Maggie, a bay mare, has a large apatite and would love to share the local grasses with you. You might just have a best friend for life if you bring her a carrot. 

Lucy, a grulla mare, is a smooth and slow ride. If there was a horse to stop and smell the roses it would be Lucy!

Not quite old enough to drive but wanna be behind the wheel of a Mustang? Josie (left) and Penny (right) are two 23 year old mustang mares. They have been at Ya-Hoo for years and are two of the best kids horses you will ever find. 

Bearfoot Black Lilly (Lilly), is a seal brown mare with with a face as cute as her personality.  

Jazz, a black mare, is a steady gal with a slow gear that will make any trail ride enjoyable. 

Guide Horses 

Sedona, a 12 year old grulla paint mare, is a new addition to Ya-Hoo. She has spent most her life doing rodeo. 

Ace is a black dales pony gelding. Mostly a guides horse he is also used for one horse sleighs in the winter. 

Cheyenne, a grey arabian quarter horse mare, use to be a high school rodeo poles and break-away roping horse. 

Reba (left), a five year old mule, is as sweet and curious as they come. She was born at the corrals and loves all the attention she can get. 

April (right) is a three year old bay mustang quarter horse mare. She is an absolute sweet heart and is a Ya-Hoo horse in training. 

More horse pictures and information to be added soon!