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Meet the Ya-Hoo Crew


Sky, returning for her ninth year as a guide, is also the managing owner of  Ya-Hoo. She started trail riding in the back country at just a year old. Growing up she participated in 4-H, rodeo, and trained horses. In her off time she can be found playing every sport under the sun. While McCall has become a second home to Sky, she says the reason she has kept coming back is for the memories and relationships created through the business. 

Flag Run.jpg

Paityn, a University of Idaho Grad and middle school teacher, will be returning for her fifth year of guiding. Growing up Paityn played various sports, competed in figure skating, and spent every chance she had around horses. Her passion for learning and horses has continued with her and has helped her in becoming a valuable part of the Ya-Hoo crew. 

Paige .JPG

Paige, a sophomore at the University of Idaho, is in her first summer at Ya-Hoo. Paige grew up riding at her grandparents ranch in Oregon and has her own horse, Dunny, that she enjoys riding in the Boise Valley. She is a Bishop Kelly Graduate who holds the state 4x1 record in track and field for 4A girls. Her bright smile and personality are just two of the things we love about having her as part of the Ya-Hoo family. 

Shiras is a five year old Blue Merle Australian Shepherd who loves fetch and Huckleberries. Having started work for Ya-Hoo at 7 weeks old he knows all the trails like the back of his paw. 

Shiras in snow.jpg

Tazz will be returning for his second summer at Ya-Hoo Corrals as a BIG one year old. He is a Red Merle Australian Shepherd with more energy than necessary and a very playful personality. 

The Horses 

RJ, a small sorrel gelding, use to only have reverse. Now he goes anywhere and loves to be in your back pocket. 


Concho, a red roan mare, is a laid back easy going gal and is GREAT with kids. 


Newt, while small in stature has an  attitude  just as big as a  Clydesdale. He is a grulla gelding and is as smart as they come. 

Chico, the gentle giant of the bunch, is a seasoned black gelding. Chico is the best black stallion impersonator we know.


Maggie, a bay mare, has a large appetite and would love to share the local grasses with you. You might just have a best friend for life if you bring her a carrot. 

Lucy and Katie .HEIC

Lucy, a grulla mare, is a new mom to a beautiful foal named Katie. Lucy is as well a smooth slow ride!

Not quite old enough to drive but wanna be behind the wheel of a Mustang? Penny (right) is a 26 year old mustang mare. She has been at Ya-Hoo most of her life and is the best kids horses you will ever find. 


Jake, a dun gelding, has the largest personality of the whole bunch! He will win you over by his looks and charm. 

Jake in Hooey Hat .JPG

Jazz, a black mare, is a steady gal with a slow gear that will make any trail ride enjoyable. 

Alabama and Peace .JPG

Alabama (front) and Peace (back) are a blue and strawberry roan. These two gals have the sweetest personalities and will welcome any treats you may bring!

Tiny Timmy is the biggest trail horse we have! This gentle and easy going boy is our resident teddy bear. 

Timmy Lake View.HEIC

Friday, a dappled bay, is back at Ya-Hoo! His easy going personality and big heart make him a valued member of our team that we are happy to have back!

Friday .jpg
Percherons .HEIC

The Percheron Team

The biggest and sweetest gals on the property are Lady (left) and Classy (right). These two gentle giants love face scratches and any treats they can get ahold of.  Feel free to come say hello or take a wagon ride with them.

Guide Horses 


Sedona is a 15 year old grulla paint mare. She is actively used for ICA rodeo and used primarily as a guide horse at Ya-Hoo.


Ace is a black dales pony gelding. Mostly a guides horse, he is also used for  pony rides and loves the attention that comes with that. 

Paco at Rail.JPG

Paco, is an Overo Paint gelding who knows how to work. He was originally used as a pack horse and is now working his way into the trail riding scene. 

More horse pictures and information to be added soon!

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