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About Ya-Hoo Corrals 

Ya-Hoo Corrals is a family owned horseback trail riding company located in McCall Idaho. Ya-Hoo got its start over 30 years ago with Cheryl Bransford and her family. Cheryl was committed to providing a memorable, fun, and family friendly western experience. One key factor to her success, and most complimented asset, was her horses. Cheryl bred her own horses for nearly 25 years. This would ensure that she knew the horses she was getting were well built and sound minded. As of March 2019 owner ship changed over to veteran guide Sky Wilson, who basically became family to the Bransford's. Sky, along with her parents Justin and Michelle, have shared a lifelong passion for the outdoors and horses. Justin and Michelle met guiding both horseback trail rides and white water rafting out of McCall and Riggins Idaho. The stories told by them over the years ultimately led to Sky's decision to become a guide. When the opportunity presented itself to own such an established and recognized business, with animals the Wilson's all love, the decision was a no brainer. Sky and her family have vowed to run the corrals with the same core values and goals in mind as Cheryl did. Sky and her family know that Ya-Hoo Corrals is more than just a summer gig. It is a way to share their passion and knowledge of the outdoors, horses, and the western way of life. 


Above, Sky (age 3) and her dad Justin get ready to ride into the backcountry of the Selway. Please note this is a picture representing the owners history. Children 5 and under can not ride on the trails or with an adult. 


Below, Sky and Justin have just finished a fall pack trip. 

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